The CELAR Toolkit is a set of tools that allows you to automatically, elastically scale your application deployments.

Using the CELAR Platform, you the user can perform the following steps:

  • Define deployments of their complex multi-tier distributed application
  • Specify the application specific elasticity constraints and actions to fulfil them
  • Provide the application custom monitoring probes, provision the application on Clouds with one button click

Then you can let the CELAR Platform manage and control the scalability lifecycle domain of the application.

CELAR features c-Eclipse GUI for defining application’s topology, deployment and elasticity constraints.  User application deployments can be defined in any scripting language with an ability to incorporate any of the configuration management systems (Chef, Puppet etc.).  For the details on the installation and usage of c-Eclipse see this link

This matrix represents the availability (of the implementation) of the vertical and horizontal scale actions in different cloud connectors as part of the cloud and applications provisioner SlipStream.

Green – implemented
Red – not implemented

As it can easily be seen from the matrix, the vertical and disk scaling actions are implemented only for the Flexiant and Okeanos connectors.  The connectors were fully developed as part of the CELAR

For full release notes on the latest CELAR platform take a look here.

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